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Hair Cuts

When choosing a haircut you may be completely stumped as to what you want, you may have a million pictures of styles you want, you could have some old pictures you've dusted off from a decade of 2 ago, or may simply just want to keep your old reliable!  Which ever of the above sounds like you I invite you to truly analyze your face first!  YES, YES, YES!!, Im talking face shape!  so cliche right!  I wont sit here an regurgitate information that has been written and rewritten 10 times over! Instead I would like to give a blogger a shout out and let them shine for the information they have provided!  Its valuable and Im not going to attempt to do a better job at explaining it!  so follow this link ( ) and explore your face shape and what cuts generally work for you!

Pixie Cuts

Pixie cuts are fun!  For the average Pixie cut you need a cut every month to maintain it! While Pixie cuts are $40 if you are coming in for routine maintinence every month if you make a standing appointment on the same weekday every 4 weeks you can reward yourself with 15% off every standing appointment

Short Hair

Short hair is hair longer than jawline to just above/slightly grazing where the neck meets shoulder!  to maintain a style you like you are looking at an appointment every 1 to 2 months. Luckily this style still looks put together for 3 months if you are a little lack on maintinence! At this length your cut will be $50 and you can still benefit from having a standing appointment  and recieving 15% off you folowing standing appointments!

Medium/Long Hair

At the medium to long Length You are now able to have the freedom of putting hair up and going longer times between haircuts!  I usually wouldn't suggest anyone going more that 3 months without at least dry maintenance cuts.  A traditional cut will cost you $60 However a 15 minute maintenance dry cut makes it easy, fast and cost effective at $40!  Don't neglect your hair because you think you can go longer.  After a month the ends start to frey. Your hair grows about a half of an inch a month . if you come in and get a quarter of an inch trimmed dry every 3 months you will see an immense about of growth!  whereas, If you wait 6 months to a year....depending on how you care or do not care for your hair , you could break from the bottoms up and feel like your hair is stuck at a certain length or has stopped growing!

Thick or Extra Long

If your hair cut takes longer than an fall in this category.  Extra Long hair is hair that is longer than the bra strap...usually if the hair is of smooth texture or not too thick you can get away with the regular $60 haircut service but in the even it has alot of density or thickness or its extra course and hard to blowdry there is an additional charge of $20 for every 20 minutes over the standard hour! 

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