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By now everyone knows I have moved!  I will be coming back every 5 to 6 weeks to service clients that still wish to proceed with me!

PLEASE NOTE****************

I do not have a salon home so when I come back I will be coming to your home!

Please Text me 704-635-5300 

Upcoming Trips

Oct 10, 11, 12
Nov 20, 21, 22
Dec 20,21
Jan 30, 31
Mar 12, 13



Im so glad you Found me!  In this section you will find the answers to most of your questions, information on welcome package specials, what category your hair falls under, and everything your going to need to know about my services and policies.  Click here!



A cut can make, or break you! Here we will discuss how you can get a jumpstart on finding which cut will work for you PRIOR to your appointment!  That's right PRIOR to your appointment folks.  WHY? Because in order to keep your cost down, and the time you are in the salon shorter its ideal to know what your looking for before you set foot in the salon.  No stylist wants to hear "Just do what you want", or I have no clue what I want"  Click here to get started!



Color, Color, Color!

My absolute passion!  This area of the site will offer as a place where you can really find out what you need to know about color services with me, along with the how and why!  want to go from black to blonde in one visit?  after reading this section you most likely wont want to!  Have WELL WATER? You want to read here!  Have box dye? You want to read here! you want white or grey blonde or fashion colors......You want to know the differences between different levels of color correction and their prices? Again HERE!



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