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This Page is for Potential Clients located in Hampstead, NC. , Wilmington, NC. ,SURF CITY, NC. and surrounding areas only.  I am not accepting any new clients in Charlotte NC.

Welcome New Clients

and Thank You for your consideration!
Please Read and fill out an online consultation form at the bottom of the page

My main goal in all of our experiences is to Make my clients happy!  I absolutely love what I do!   I want to hear your Likes and dislikes about what you currently have and check out inspiration photos you've been crushing on!

    Lets discuss a little what to expect when looking to make an appointment for the first time or seeing if you feel we would be a good fit for each other!

 I do all consultations over text/ FB MESSENGER.  I have a very busy life with my son and when I'm not behind the chair its next to impossible for me to answer a phone and give anyone undivided attention with my son around!  Plus I like to have a record of what is discussed so it is in black and white and we can go back in conversations for reference!  I STOP RESPONDING TO WORK RELATED TEXTS, EMAILS, FACEBOOK MESSAGES, INSTAGRAM MESSAGES, ETC... AT 6 P.M unless of course i said I would talk to you at a specific time!

If I do not answer it doesn't mean I didn't get the message!  It just means I am either busy with a client or I am trying to not work at home at that moment!  When I Have the moment I can give you my undivided attention that you deserve I will contact you back!  I'm not trying to be a jerk ...Honest, however in this time of instant gratification that we live in, I am still human and just like everyone shouldn't let work consume you day and night, I have to draw the line as well!  I cant tell you how many times I've received drunk texts where clients are saying things such as " talk me down from cutting my bangs, or tell me to put this box down, or how do you like these 20 pictures for my next appointment in 6 months", only to get the next series of drunk texts with 20 different pictures from last time changing their mind!  I do have a personal Life, If your on my Facebook and see me at the beach with my family...NO I'M NOT TEXTING YOU BACK!  If you see me at a Jeep event with friends....I WONT BE TEXTING DURING IT!  If it is 11 pm I may be available but if you see my messenger light on and I don't get back to you instantly its because I am not working!  Please respect I do have a personal life!

Have Realistic goals!  If you have medium brown hair and you pick out a mostly blonde balayage with a lived in look .....Understand we will not be getting close to that picture in one visit!  Understand, what the price point is for the look, Understand the follow-up maintenance of the look and what products you should use to maintain the look you want, Understand , your hair is not the same as the hair the model has!

Everyone's hair is different!  I will always be Honest and upfront.

If you Have Well Water:  Before I will ever see you for color you will need to purchase a hard water filter for your shower head!  I Feel Horrible for you guys however with hard water it reverses all of our efforts with color. Blondes turn orange the instant you wash no matter what products you use, and coloring over hair that is constantly in mineral rich water can dry and burn your hair off INSTANTLY during a lightening service!. 

IF YOU HAVE BOX DYE:  It is a colorists nemesis! YES SALLYS COLOR IS BOX DYE! The absolute worst ones are red and black.  why? because box dye is one size fits all and to ensure your hair at its darkest, comes out close to the results on the box that a light haired persons would, not only are there metallic minerals in the color, but the developer can be harsh to open the cuticle and push that color as deep as it can in there!  So if you colored your hair red or black with a box over already lightened hair you may have just made it impossible to go to that white or grey or fun fashion color because the deeper those color molecules are in that cuticle,  it can make the hair not get lighter than an orange and then just break and burn off!  That's why we cringe! Hair in such condition usually requires a full color correction , or multiple sessions.

I do not do maintenance services on anyone except current clients!  I do not do maintenance work on top of other stylists work!  Understand, You wouldn't take a puzzle piece from a random puzzle to fill in a missing piece your working on for obvious reasons...IT WONT MATCH UP!  Stylists are like snowflakes, no two do the same exact work!  So there is a level of color correction that does go into everyone's first appointment!   I want to get you going in the right direction as quickly and as cost effectively as we possibly can!

I ask everyone to please refrain from bringing their children, friends, or family to Color Appointments!  They don't like coming with you I can promise you that!  When doing Your hair I want to try to get you done as efficiently as I possibly can!  Some children may need you to fix their phone, or they need a snack, or need you to answer a lot of questions!  I know trust me I have a  boy of my own and even when he requires nothing there's always something.  The only way to get you looking good and out the door is with minimal distractions for me, and you, is to come alone! 

Wearing fancy clothes, Hoodies, Turtle Necks , and other such Garments is not a good Idea for color appointments!  I am not responsible for any items in which you wear or bring that happens to get stained or bleached.  Does this happen a lot? No. But it has happened before, so I suggest to everyone bring a spare tee shirt that is baggie and you don't care if it gets stained because sometimes stuff happens. 

If your over 15 mins late you have missed your appointment!  There can be little wiggle room sometimes between appointments. If your late it puts me late with the next and before you know it the 15 mins turns into an hour or more and I am stuck late working, late for picking my son up, late for dinner!  Everyone's time is valuable these days no one is more important than the next! If you make an appointment be accountable!  Yes stuff happens, it happens to me sometimes too, no one is perfect.... but when it happens most of the time , it makes your reliability rating in my software go down until  it wont let you book any longer without personally contacting me!  If it gets to that we just may not be a compatible pair and Ill be more than happy to refer you to another reputable stylist that i know in the area, However keep in mind No stylist puts habitually late people as a priority in their books!

If you cancel your appointment constantly the day before your appointment I will require a deposit of 50% upfront, that is non refundable in the event you cancel again!  By canceling any appointments more than 2 times in a time frame it really tells me you do not value my time!  Again I'm not trying to be a jerk but I am trying to earn a living and I am by appointment only! when canceling your appointment within 3 days before you are booked,  it leaves me with un fillable holes in my schedule and money I cannot make back!

Please do not show up under the the influence of drugs or alcohol!  I will not do your hair. It is a huge liability if you are not present with a sound decision making mind!  I wont risk it!

I do not mind if after we have had our first appointment if you bring something to sip on but if you are visibly intoxicated (as a former bartender) I will know!

I do not take same day, or next day Appointments!  Sometimes people get a little hormonal with their hair and want a quick fix or instant gratification.  That wont work!  Your hair appointment should be intentional not hormonal!  I cannot scramble the last minute to move and fit you in.  Please respect the Booking process with my online Scheduler!

Please use my online booking software!  In order to allow me to spend time with my family and have personal time I have an online scheduler!  Imagine you have over 300 clients and they all want to text you to ask what your availability is..... then we have to go back and forth and what my next availability is, doesn't match up with you have to look at your schedule again and again we have to try to match up my availability with yours again....You get the picture right?  That takes time away from me and you, when you can simply go online where it shows I am available and you can coordinate 24 hours a day at your convenience!

I HOPE ALL OF THIS DIDN'T SCARE YOU AS ITS NOT MY INTENTION!  I simply just want to make sure these things are known upfront and straight forward!  I want us to be a good fit and have a long hair relationship as I have with most of my clients and those who have become Cliends (client/ friends)


Which senario best describes your hair?
Do you have well / hard water?
Do you have thicker than average hair?

Upload a current well lit picture of what your hair looks like now

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Upload an inspiration photo of what you would like your hair to look like

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Optional additional Photo if needed

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Thanks for applying!
We’ll get back to you soon.

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